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Via heat pipes to a residential house in Purmerend

During the third and final phase, the heat pipe to home or business needs to be laid. Where an open trench is not possible, or not desirable because of the nuisance it causes, Kouwenberg Infra has developed the Nano-Drill. An innovation that allows a compact machine to drill from the distribution line to the desired location near or under a residence or office. Tearing open the front yard or driveway as would be the case with an open excavation is thus a thing of the past.

In Purmerend we were allowed to put into practice this latest drilling technique that works according to the HDD principle. We carried out 4 Nano-Drill drillings of approximately 15 meters Ø76mm (OZY packs). Our customer and their client were so impressed with the progress of the work that we eventually connected 2 homes here instead of 1. And after this work we immediately sat down with the contractor to apply this to the next location as well. Thanks to short lines of communication with our client and a flexible organization, we are already fulfilling the next project.

And so Kouwenberg Infra, by applying various trenchless techniques, is contributing to the realization of heat networks and we are doing our part in the process of energy transition!

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