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Via distribution pipes to a distribution center in the Nieuwegein residential area

Once the heat has arrived at a WOS via transmission lines, it can be transported further via distribution lines. For example, Kouwenberg Infra has worked on a district heating project in Nieuwegein, where distribution lines were laid to a distribution center in a residential area.

In order to be able to lay this distribution pipe, a tram line had to be crossed in the center of Nieuwegein. In short: time to drilling! In this busy urban area we carried out 3 Open Front borings with water locks of 40 meters Ø530 GRP each, including 1 casing pipe for the water pipeline. In this very busy urban area, in limited space, the drilling crew first had to create a pressing and receiving pit. Then the drilling equipment was mobilized and the drilling was realized. In addition to paying attention to the safety of yourself and your colleagues, on such projects extra care must be taken to ensure the safety of third parties such as the continuous stream of walkers, cyclists and motorists. This job, too, was successfully completed amid much scrutiny.