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Replacement of 6 culverts in Lelystad

Before the summer holidays we replaced 3 culverts in the project Major Maintenance A6 Lelystad Noord - Ketelbrug. Last week we replaced the last of the culverts, and with that we completed this special project successfully.

The 6 existing steel culverts ø400 of 60 metres each were replaced by a HDPE ø500 pipe using the Pipe Cracking method. The big advantage of this method is that it made it possible to install the new culvert in exactly the same place as the existing one, so that the old culvert did not have to be closed before being removed.

During the preparation, almost everything went via Teams due to Covid-19, but in spite of this a pleasant collaboration was established, which continued during the actual work on site. It was great to have the trust of the parties involved, allowing us to carry out our alternative proposal.