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Transporting waste heat to a heat transfer station WOS in Delft

Many processes release heat, such as waste incineration, but many chemical processes also generate so-called residual heat. This heat often disappears into the air, or is removed through cooling water systems. In view of the care for our environment, this is of course a waste, which is why such waste heat is transported to households or companies through heat networks. The first step is to transport the heat to a heat transfer station, abbreviated to WOS. Such a pipeline is currently being constructed at the Warmtelinq project between the Maasstad and Hofstad areas.

Kouwenberg Infra is working on this by realizing drillings at 2 locations. For each location 2 Closed Front bores are realised, one for supply of heat and one for removal of cold. At the first location we drilled 2 x 137 meters of a Ø1280 (GRP) casing pipe into which the heat pipes would later be fed. Since we were going to cross a sewer we drilled the first part (30 meters Ø1215 mm) in steel in close consultation with our client Denys / Gasunie. At the second location we drilled 2x 105 meters of casing pipe Ø1220 mm (steel). In order to meet our customer's scheduling requirements, we managed to carry out the last two shield borings in parallel. For this purpose, we mobilized two complete shield drilling sets. While Kouwenberg Infra was drilling away a pipe on one side, our customer was able to weld a pipe next to it. This enabled us to drill without delay and complete the work within the specified time.

Transportleidingen voor warmte