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Realization of 2 Microtunneling split level from one shaft - Lyngby Copenhagen

To improve and extend the sewer system on Buddingevej road in Lyngby Copenhagen we have performed several drillings with the Microtunneling technique.

The request came from our client to accelerate the project as otherwise the planning of the subsequent construction of the tramway would be jeopardized. In order to meet this demand, we have scaled up our drilling crews so that we can extend the working hours and we have decided to carry out two boreholes split level from a single shaft (height difference between the boreholes approx. 1.60 meters). The unique thing about this is that we can realize a Microtunneling diameter Ø 1186/1280 mm with a length of approx. 119 meters and 180 degrees in the other direction a Microtunneling diameter Ø774 / 860 mm with a length of approx. 56 meters at the same time.