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Pilot guided Auger drilling with water lock in Oudesluis

Last week, we started work for ProRail (Netherlands railway organisation) in Oudesluis. This project involves the replacement of an existing culvert that is leaking, causing sand and silt to seep into it. As a result, the culvert has become clogged up and can no longer do its job.

We have started installing formwork in the watercourses, so that we can pump the pit dry and then install our machine. The pilot guided auger drilling will be carried out with water lock since we are drilling under the groundwater level. The use of the water lock prevents that the groundwater flows under the track. The pilot guided auger drilling will have a length of 26 metres (GRP jacking pipe ø 860*29).

As soon as we have installed the new culvert, the two watercourses will be properly connected again. Another project added to our long list of experience working with pilot guide auger water lock system!