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Open front drilling Lingen (DUI)

A photo that nicely shows the acquisition of Visser & Smit Hanab's open and closed drilling activities over 2.5 years ago, an orange and blue machine working side by side!

Despite our much orange, we also have some blue machines from the old VSH stable in use. The acquisition was exciting because a lot of equipment came to Schaijk and even more so because employees came with it. How does a acquisition like this work out for employees who already have long service records? We can tell you, they still do! We are proud and very happy that everyone is still on board, okay except for one but he retired last year with well-deserved retirement.

This photo was taken in Lingen (DUI), here we are currently realizing 2 OFT rail bores with water lock of 61 meters Ø600 each (steel).