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Open Front Boring Badger Tunnels

Recently Kouwenberg Infra has realized a boring under the A2 near Boxtel which will function as a Badger and Fauna Tunnel. By means of the open front bore with auger and water lock a steel tube around 508 with a length of 48.5 meters has been pressed under the A2. Besides realizing the drilling, Kouwenberg Infra also carried out the other work, such as placing the manholes and constructing the inlets and outlets on both sides of the tunnel, allowing animals to reach the tunnel with a slope of 1:3 in order to then be able to cross safely or, in this case, better make the underpass. To prevent the tunnel from filling up with water, rain caps are hereby installed.

Did you know.

Traffic is the main cause of death of badgers in the Netherlands. It is estimated that 20 % of badgers die in traffic every year. On average, there are as many as 2 reports per 24 hours of badgers being hit, reports Stichting Das & Boom on its website. Because badgers often cross roads at the same place, facilities such as badger tunnels, if expertly designed and constructed, are very effective.

Expertly designed and constructed badger tunnels appear to work well in practice to prevent badger casualties. At locations where badgers regularly cross (and thus are regularly hit), a badger grid is placed on both sides of the road to prevent badgers from getting onto the road. Next, a tunnel is constructed at the location, where the badger turns onto the road. Such a tunnel is often in line with conductive landscape elements that are perpendicular to the road. Then, with the installation of guide grids, the badger is guided toward a tunnel. Because badgers are naturally accustomed to tunnels, such facilities are quickly accepted by badgers and used frequently. Badger tunnels also offer other mammals, such as martens, hedgehogs and otters, a safe crossing point (source: Das & Boom Foundation website).