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Open Front Boring Central Train Station Leeuwarden

Yesterday we completed an Open Front bore of 56.5 meters Ø530 (GRP) with water lock at Leeuwarden Central Station. The drilling crossed 7 tracks. During the drilling, train traffic was not hindered and could continue to run.

When new cables or pipes have to be laid within the existing infrastructure and this cannot be done using an open trench, or working from an open trench causes too much nuisance, then trenchless drilling techniques offer a solution. A proven drilling method is the Open Front Boring, also known as auger drilling.

Within Open Front Drilling there are several options, which are chosen depending on the situation. Consider, for example, the length of the pipe to be laid, the diameter, the groundwater level and the type of soil. In Leeuwarden, we applied a Pilot Guided Auger Boring with water lock.

Using a water lock makes it possible to carry out an auger drilling in the (limited) presence of groundwater. The water trap prevents water from flowing through the pipe to the borehole and causing seepage. An Open Front borehole with water trap can be used if there is a low water column. If the groundwater pressure is too high, a Closed Front Borehole is used.