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Drilling method:Microtunneling
Material type:Sample
Drill length:115 meter
Drill diameters:762 mm
Execution time:2017

Hollands Noorderkwartier

Customer challenge
The pressure pipeline of Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier, in Oostzaan, consists partly of asbestos cement (AC) piping and PVC piping. AC material is sensitive to brittle fractures and settlements. The overburden on the other pipe section has increased significantly. As a result, the pressure line is vulnerable to rupture. This was underlined by a leakage from the pipeline at the Kerkstraat in January 2014. A rupture in or near the embankment can lead to subsidence of the A8 motorway. In order to remove the risks, the Oostzaan pipeline in the area around the Kerkstraat and near the A8 motorway will be relocated by HHNK.

What was our solution
Kouwenberg Infra has carried out one Microtunneling for this purpose. A challenge with this drilling was that it had to be drilled through the embankment under a motorway. There was also a challenge in the length of the drilling, which was 115 metres in total. This involved drilling with steel DN 762 with tubes 6 metres long. The drilling was carried out successfully.