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Pilot guided auger with water lock in Oudesluis

A few weeks ago, we told you about a culvert that needed to be replaced in Oudesluis. At the time, we had started installing the formwork, but we have now completed the 26-metre pilot guided auger with water lock.

We also located the old culvert, filled it with Dämmer and removed the concrete pits. We also created a tidy and safe site environment and after the work, we made sure the embankment was neatly finished and sown with grass before delivery of the project, as per our client’s wishes. This project was a clear example of taking all work off our client's hands - from start to finish.

After an evaluation with ProRail (Netherlands railway organisation), it turned out that they were very satisfied with the safety of the project, the preparation, the work carried out by our employees and the quality delivered. Proud of our team!