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Letbanen project Lyngby - Denmark 

After the wonderful project we completed at the end of 2020, Denmark colours orange once again. In January, we started in Lyngby, about 10 kilometres north of Copenhagen. The situation there is twofold: on the one hand, there are problems with the drainage of rainwater, and there is also an old sewer system that needs replacing.

We have prepared a drilling plan that meets the requirements of our client and takes into account the specific soil conditions. The various soil layers contain large rocks and boulders that were pushed onto the land from the sea during the ice age. In order to deal with these, we drill using a mixed soil shield.

The total length of the Microtunnelings that Kouwenberg will carry out is 1.5 kilometres in different diameters (GRP jacking pipes ø860, ø1099 and ø1280). At this moment, the first  two Microtunnelings with a total length of 270 metres have been completed, and the single pilot guided auger drilling of 25 metres (steel ø323) has also been completed.