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Directional drilling using Nano-Drill

Yesterday we used the Nano-Drill (a new innovation from Kouwenberg Infra) to drill 15 meters of Ø50 mm (HDPE casing pipe) in Ewijk for a new electricity line to an existing house.

Other options were not possible in this situation due to existing cable and pipe routes. With this trenchless solution, the road could remain open during the work, minimizing disruption to road users.

The Nano-Drill is a very compact drilling technique suitable for laying relatively short underground pipes such as heat pipes, water pipes, electrical cables, sewage pipes and fiber optic cables. The trenchless drilling technique is cost-effective and results in less inconvenience to the surrounding area than when underground pipes are laid by open excavation. The compact controlled drilling machine is simply attached to a mini excavator and thus brought into the correct starting position. The highly flexible drill pipe is then inserted into the desired drilling line. Due to the good steerability and the accurate measuring system, the correct drilling line can be followed and possible obstacles such as cables and pipes can be avoided.