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Drainage Care Centre Laarstede 

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Drilling method:Auger drilling
Material type:Drainage
Number of drillings:23 Drillings
Drill length:1005 m
Drill diameters:110 mm
Execution time:2016
Principal:Brabant Living

Customer challenge
Zorgcentrum Laarstede was built too low 7 years ago, causing persistent water nuisance in the crawl space. This water nuisance was caused by an excessive groundwater level in the area. This caused the crawl space to rot, causing health problems for the elderly. It also led to a lot of issues with vermin.

What was our solution
In order to ensure the health of the elderly, it was decided to install drainage under the care centre. Drainage is the underground draining of groundwater through holes in a perforated tube. The groundwater is drained through these pipes via a main pipe to a ditch. This lowers the groundwater level below the care centre. A total of 23 drillings were carried out with drainage under the entire building.

What were the advantages of this
After a number of months a clear difference between the groundwater level then and now became apparent. This has been lowered in a sustainable way so that the problems in the care centre can be tackled.

Do you also suffer from groundwater issues under the crawl spaces? Then please get in touch.