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99 track crossings Weert to Roermond 

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Drilling method:Auger Drilling
Material type:Polymer concrete & EGP
Drill length:6 to 28 m
Drill diameters:150 & 200 mm
Execution time:29 weeks 2017
Principal:Strukton Systems

Customer challenge
During this project no less than 99 track drillings had to be carried out at 63 different locations. These locations were along the route from Budel, Weert to Roermond.

What was our solution
The drilling was carried out using the Auger Drilling, mostly using vitrified clay pipes with a diameter of 150 mm. The length of the drilling ranged from 6 to 28 metres, a total of 1398 metres was drilled, and the EGP Tube innovation was used in some of the drillings. With a controlled EGP tube bore it is possible to drill without an exit pit. This is because the drill head is only 15 cm and it can be easily dug up. In addition, several drilling teams worked in parallel to meet the schedule, which was drawn up in close cooperation with the client.

What were the advantages of this
This resulted in a fast work method which met the schedule and saved costs.