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2 OFT drillings in Born

At the moment we are working in all weathers in Born on 2 OFT drillings of 36 and 63 meters, Ø700/872 (concrete). These borings are drilled with 3 meter pipes under a slight slope, eventually this will become a rainwater drain towards a wadi.

These drillings are made by means of a Pilot Guided Auger Drilling. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the drilling, a so-called "pilot drilling" is first performed by pushing a pilot rod to the desired exit point. Using an optical camera system, we measure the position of the pilot drill head and can steer it in the correct direction. The final casing (also called "liner pipe") then follows the pilot and comes to lie exactly in line with the original trajectory of the pilot bore. The difference in diameter between the pilot rod and tube is bridged by a reamer. Pilot-driven auger drilling is suitable for drillings that requires minimal deviation.