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2 OFT drillings in Arnhem

Last week our drilling crew in Arnhem drilled 2 casing pipes Ø609 (steel) of 30 meters each, for the construction of heat pipes. Since we used 12-meter pipes, we took a long pressing frame for this. Using this trenchless technique, the road could remain passable and the neighbourhood behind didn’t experience any nuisance.

These borings were realized using the Pilot Guided Excavator method. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the drilling, a so-called "pilot drilling" is first performed by pushing a pilot rod to the desired exit point. The final casing then follows the pilot and aligns exactly with the original trajectory of the pilot bore. The difference in diameter between the pilot rod and pipe is bridged by a reamer. Pilot-driven auger drilling is suitable for drillings that require minimal deviation.