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10 OFT drillings with explosives detection in Nunspeet

Recently we have carried out several pilot guided auger drillings with explosives detection, also called Uxo-Drill. This is a drilling technique that we have developed together with our partner AVG Explosieven Opsporing Nederland and that we can apply in areas that have not yet been released from explosive remnants of war, also known as NGE.


With our unique drill head equipped with a detection system, we detect irregularities in the soil around the drilling. The pilot drill with the detection system detects in a radius of 1.5 meters around the drill head. Real-time detection allows our explosives experts to intervene immediately if they observe suspicious objects. Thus, the drilling is guaranteed to be safe and disruption to the surrounding area is minimal. Once the drill path is cleared, the tube is pushed through behind the pilot rod by means of traditional auger drilling.


In Nunspeet we visited a total of 6 locations where per location various drillings had to be carried out, a total of 10. For example, at one location we installed casing pipes for the existing utilities that are being rerouted due to the construction of a new railroad tunnel.

In another, we had to deal with a number of trees that had to be passed without damaging them or having to remove them. We accomplished this task as well!