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Microdrilling in Ermelo

After receiving the GFT bore in Ermelo last week, we performed the remaining works this week and our last employee is leaving the project site today. It concerns 1 Closed Front Boring of 72 meters Ø1000/1280 (Concrete). This drilling crosses a railroad line, bicycle path and a two-lane road. Our work was for the purpose of future stormwater drainage.

 In Closed Front Boring, also known as microtunneling or shield drilling, the pipe is pressed under a railroad, freeway, waterway, existing cable and pipe strip or urban area. Because the drill is equipped with a watertight drilling shield, the drilling technique can be used within infrastructures that are below the groundwater level. The Closed Front Technique thereby ensures that no flushing can take place via the drill head through the pipe. A so-called cuff or water trap ensures that no flushing takes place along the outside of the pipe.

This technique guarantees accurate positioning. This is because the position of the drill head is continuously monitored by means of a positioning system (laser), so that in case of deviations, adjustments can be made and the pipe is placed on the designed route.