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Flooding in Lombok, Utrecht. 

During heavy precipitation in the Lombok district, there was flooding in the low-lying backyards and basements of various houses. The backyards of the houses in question are low-lying, which means that rainwater cannot flow into the sewers under gravity flow. In case of heavy precipitation, the water level in the current sewer system is higher than the floor level of the basement and back gardens.

The Municipality of Utrecht is going to construct a rainwater sewage system to prevent flooding in the future. The homeowners in the streets in question were also given the opportunity to apply for a pilot-controlled drilling under their home. The homeowners must then, on their own initiative, connect the backyards to the rainwater sewer to be realised.

Kouwenberg Infra provided pilot-controlled drilling with PP pipes for some 23 houses. The average length of these drillings is 25 metres.