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Pipe Cracking in Haaren

The water network from Haaren to Esch was largely constructed in the 1930s and is therefore in need of renovation. At the moment, the work to replace the drinking water pipeline has started in the Belversestraat. However, the drinking water pipe that needs to be replaced is located under an asphalt road with no room to dig in the roadsides. It is desirable that the street remains accessible as much as possible; there should be as little inconvenience as possible.

In order to guarantee these requirements as much as possible, an appropriate technique was sought. We have been approached to replace the drinking water pipe with the Pipe Crack method. The principle of Pipe Cracking is to break the old pipe internally (cracking) by means of a burst head so that space is made to pull in a new pipe directly behind it.

With this technique, space is saved so that there is less nuisance in the street and residents continue to have access to their homes. This also means that the entire route does not have to be dug open, which means that asphalt does not have to be sawn off over the entire route and less transport is required for the removal of soil. A total of more than 2 kilometres of drinking water pipes will be replaced by Kouwenberg Infra, which will be divided into 12 tracks.