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NSTT No-Dig Award 2018

Yesterday the presentation of the NSTT No-Dig Award 2018 took place in Hal4 aan de Maas in Rotterdam. This prestigious award is given to one or more organisations that have contributed in an innovative way to the development of trenchless techniques.

Kouwenberg Infra was, in cooperation with A.Hak Leidingbouw, one of the nominees of this year with its new technique 'Remote Drilling', drilling in NGE suspect area. Together with Kouwenberg Infra, these were the other nominees for the NSTT No-Dig Award 2018:
- A. Hak. - AllSeas. - Herrenknecht: Direct-pipe landing 1,110 metres 56"
- Arnhem - Kumpen - Van der Ven: Renovation of the Arnhem Moerriool
- Visser & Smit Hanab and PPS Pipelines: building bridges in Limburg

After an interesting day during the Congress 'No-Dig, unless...' the nominee gave their final pitch after which a delegate of the professional jury announced the winner. The winner of the NSTT No-Dig Award 2018 is the project 'Renovation of the Arnhem Moerriool'! 

We congratulate Gemeente Arnhem, Kumpen Renovatietechnieken and Aannemingsbedrijf G. Van der Ven with their well-earned NSTT No-Dig Award 2018!