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Nanodrill innovation 

A few weeks ago we told you about the successful test drilling. And now we would like to tell and show you more!

Vattenfall asked us to help them think about the possibilities of a trenchless technique to install the home connection for a urban heating pipeline. The key requirement in this was to keep the disruption for their clients to a minimum. After a number of meetings, we approached our equipment supplier Kormee BV to combine forces and this is how NANODRILL was created. ?? Hebben we de naam geregistreerd ?? ®

We are very pleased to present this compact machine. It can be attached to a mini excavator and does its work with flexible drill rods close to the surface, with minimal set-up time. All electrical use is a possibility to reduce the carbon footprint. ( overleggen met Jacob of we dit willen benoemen.Would you like more information about this new application? Please contact us at +31 (0) 412-405404.