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Bavaria Bayernets Monaco - Germany

On the border between Germany and Austria, a natural gas pipeline is currently being built from Burghausen to Finsing. This connects the networks in the area of southern Germany and Austria. This improves grid stability and flexibility. This natural gas pipeline is also used for important power plants. The natural gas pipeline has a total length of 87 kilometres with a diameter of 1200 mm.

However, the drilling under a railway line of the Deutsche Bahn involved a lot of risk. The drilling also had many complexities such as the large amount of groundwater and the type of soil present. The engineering team of Kouwenberg Infra met and saw this project as a challenge and decided to carry out the drilling. Recently, the drilling was carried out successfully where the DN 1200 gas pipeline with a total length of 31 metres was drilled under the Deutsche Bahn.

At the end of 2018, the total natural gas pipeline is scheduled to come into operation to conclude a 1.5-year long project. We are proud that Kouwenberg Infra has been able to do its bit to meet this deadline.