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4 drillings in Zuidas Amsterdam 

In the Strawinskylaan, Zuidas Amsterdam, work is underway on the redevelopment of two office towers from the 1990s. The original monofunctional building will be transformed into a very sustainable destination. The west tower will accommodate a hotel. The existing tower will be raised by three floors, where the sky bar has an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The eastern tower will have an office function. Underneath the outdoor space a 2 and partly 3-storey underground parking garage will be realized.

In order to realize this, Kouwenberg Infra has been commissioned by general contractor J.P. van Eesteren to carry out four pilot-controlled auger drillings next to each other. The bores are drilled underneath the GVB tram track from a crushing pit with 2 pieces of steel DN 508 mm and 2 pieces of steel DN 406 mm. The drillings have a length of 46 metres per intersection.

The 2Amsterdam project was commissioned by the German investment firm Commerz Real. Provast operates as a delegated developer. The design was made by the Rotterdam based firm KCAP.