Shield drills / micro-tunnelling
Kouwenberg Infra specialises, among other things, in carrying out Microtunnelings, also known as shield drilling or micro-tunnelling.

A major advantage of shield drilling is that it can be carried out below the groundwater level without lowering the groundwater level. In addition, it is an extremely suitable method for longer distances and/or to make larger diameter crossings. This method is also used to drill through harder layers of soil. Where drainage of the departure and arrival points is not possible, an enclosed sheet pile construction with underwater concrete floor offers a solution.

For the execution of these Microtunnelings, Kouwenberg Infra has an extensive and extremely modern machinery at its disposal.

For more information about the Microtunneling you can contact us at +31 (0)412 - 405 404.

In the short demo movie below, the Microtunneling is explained schematically.