As a drilling manager at Kouwenberg Infra you have an important role during the execution of the drilling process. You supervise the drilling site and manage a drilling team. You know how to operate the machinery and keep a close eye on the required maintenance. You will also be in contact with the work planner, contractor and client to ensure that the drilling process runs as smoothly as possible.

Auger Drilling
Auger Drilling or jacking is a trenchless technique for laying pipes horizontally under the ground, for example under a road, railway or waterway. First two pits are dug: the entry pit and exit pit. The pipe is then pressed from the entry pit to the receiving pit by hydraulic or pneumatic force.

The feature of the Microtunneling is the closed front of the first tubular element of the drill by means of a drill shield. Like an Auger drilling, a Microtunneling starts from an entry pit. With a pressing installation, the drilling shield is pushed away by means of hydraulic augers.

Job description:
- supervision of drilling/pressing location;
- responsible for execution of drilling plan;
- operation of drilling equipment;
- maintenance of equipment;
- keeping project records;
- carrying out work inspections;
- holding a start work instruction;
- supervising the drilling team;
- helping to assess whether H&S resources should be purchased or improved.

Job requirements
- MBO level (education or equivalent experience);
- good command of the Dutch language;
- 3 years experience;
- in possession of VOL VCA and DTP diploma;
- flexible attitude in terms of work, working hours and overtime. What do we offer?
- a challenging job;
- informal and pleasant working atmosphere;
- growing company;
- flexible working hours.

Where are you going to work?
Kouwenberg Infra is the specialist in the field of trenchless drilling techniques. Kouwenberg Infra can make drillings in various sizes and different types of material with its own drilling machines. Besides drilling machines, Kouwenberg Infra also has its own means of transport and earthmoving machines. The entire process can thus be carried out in-house.

Will you be our new drill master? Then please respond as soon as possible. We would like to receive an extensive CV with a concise motivation showing that you meet the above requirements. You can send your application to Gea van Loon via If you have any questions, you can contact her at the phone number 0412-405404.

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