Pipe cracking

In situations where a new pipeline has to replace an existing pipeline and the old pipeline cannot be removed, this technique can be chosen. Pipe cracking, also called pipe bursting or splitting, is a technique where an old pipe is forcefully broken or cut open, after which a new (possibly larger) pipe is immediately drawn.

In the entry pit, rods are fed into the existing pipe up to the input well. Depending on the material to be cracked, the burst head is selected and connected to the rods. The new pipe is attached behind this burst head, after which the burst head is pulled back rod by a rod, where the old pipe keeps breaking.

The broken or split old pipe is pushed through the head into the surrounding soil, making room for the new pipe. The new pipe has at least the diameter of the existing pipe, but can also be increased in diameter depending on the circumstances.

Among other things, we have the most powerful Pipe Crack machine in the Netherlands (85 Tons), which enables us to handle a wide range of activities. We do not hesitate to modify or develop things if the project requires it.  

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In this short "demo movie" it's all explained schematically.