At Kouwenberg Infra, we have the largest Open/Closed Front and Pipe Crack machine pool in the Netherlands.
Having a large, very complete and up to date machine pool offers flexibility in execution and that is what we like to offer our customers.  

We operate with modern Microtunneling equipment, with several complete Auger sets and the largest available Pipe Crack equipment in the Netherlands. Any desired diameter is therefore possible.

An additional advantage of our extensive machine pool is the great flexibility we can offer with regard to scaling up deployable equipment when strict deadlines demand it. This enables us to work with multiple drilling teams, which means that many drillings can be carried out in an accelerated manner.

In addition to our large arsenal of (drilling) machines, we have a lot of auxiliary equipment at our disposal. The installation of entry and exit pits for the projects is no problem for us. For this purpose we have various trucks, excavators, circuit boxes and other auxiliary equipment at our disposal and we carry out our work entirely under our own management. We can also install immersion wells, pour underwater concrete and vibrate sheet piling.