We are innovative and creative, both in response to customer demand and on our own initiative. Sometimes challenges seem impossible at first sight. However, thanks to our many years of experience, we don’t shy away from a challenge and we know how to connect things creatively. The strength often lies in the simplicity of the solution. Here are a few of our own developments. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us.

Water lock

The Auger Drilling is not suitable for drilling below ground level without taking measures. By means of a specially developed “water lock”, we are able to carry out Auger drilling below ground water level. This eliminates the need to switch to more expensive Microtunneling.  

Actieve boorkop

If the coating of a (product) pipeline during a trenchless technique must not be damaged in any way, we use an active drill head for Auger Drilling. The use of this special drill head does not damage the product line at all. This regularly provides a good solution for drinking water pipes and gas pipelines. 


Drilling using the EGP Tube system is an in-house innovation where drilling can be done without the need for an exit pit. The drill head is directly connected to the specially developed drill pipe (approved by Prorail), so no pilot drilling is required. In addition, one or more drill heads can be excavated at the same time when this fits into the planning, e.g. due to decommissioning.    

Remote Drilling

In the Netherlands there are many areas in which Unexploded Ordinance (NGE) is present. These explosives pose a hazard during underground work. It is not always possible to investigate and release these locations by means of scans, resulting in an unsafe situation. Kouwenberg Infra has successfully completed several drillings in the NGE area using a self-designed Remote Drilling Device. With the help of this Remote Drilling Device, we were able to carry out the drillings remotely, out of range of possibly remaining explosives. With this first, Kouwenberg Infra was nominated for the No Dig Award in 2018. 

Reference Remote Drilling