Auger method
When using the Auger drilling, the auger tube is pushed into the ground from a drilling under an object to be crossed. In order to reduce the pussing pressure and to make minor corrections to the drilling direction, the front tube is equipped with a cutting head. The penetrating soil is removed by a soil auger in the pipe to the pressing pit.

Pilot Steered Auger Drilling
In addition to the above mentioned Auger Method, Kouwenberg is the specialist in the field of Pilot Steered Auger Drilling. In order to even better guarantee the accuracy of the drilling, first a so-called "pilot drilling" is made after which the drill pipe follows the pilot and is exactly in accordance with the original route of the pilot drilling. 

Auger Drilling with water lock
With the aid of a water lock it is possible to drill an auger even if there is (limited) presence of water and the route cannot be drilled dry. The advantage of this is that you can drill underwater without having to use the more expensive Microtunneling.

In addition to the drilling, we can also provide the necessary wells.
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In the short demo movie below, the Auger Drilling is explained schematically.