Replacement drinking water pipe, Klundert

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Drilling method: Pipe Cracking
Material type: Cast iron to PE
Drill length: 580 m
Drill diameters: from 175 mm to 315 mm
Execution time:  1 Week
Principal: Gemeente Klundert

Customer challenge

In the municipality of Klundert, the drinking water line had to be replaced. This project offered a number of challenges:

- It was carried out on a dike body with a large number of trees as a result of which open excavation was impossible.

- The new drinking water pipe is a PE Ø 315, while the old pipe which had a diameter of Ø 175 (cast iron)

- Minimal inconvenience to the surroundings and through traffic also had to be taken into account.

What was our solution:

Pipe cracking, also called pipe bursting or splitting, is a technique where an old pipe is forcefully broken or cut open, after which a new (possibly larger) pipe is immediately drawn. As a result, there is minimal nuisance for the environment. In close consultation with our client, we drew up a Design & Construct Plan, which was then implemented.

What were the advantages of this. The advantages of pipecracking are:

- Possibility to increase diameter of the route

- Limited nuisance due to only a few working holes

- Very fast execution

- Low cost compared to traditional excavation

Do you also want to replace a pipeline that cannot be dug open or do you want to take advantage of the other advantages of Pipe Cracking? Please contact us at 0412-405 404.


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