Remote Drilling

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Drilling method: Auger Drilling
Material type: Hobas
Drill length: 150 m
Drill diameters: 600 mm
Execution time: 2018
Principal: A.Hak Leidingbouw

Customer challenge

The drilling in Delfzijl was carried out in an area suspected of containing unexploded ordinance. This is an area where unexploded ordinance can be found. These explosives mainly come from the Second World War. In order to work as safely as possible, an investigation into unexploded ordinance has taken place. After the investigation, several areas were deemed clear of explosives. Under roads, and places where there are cables and pipes, no investigation could be carried out. As a result, parts of the route could not be deemed clear of unexploded ordinance. This means that unexploded ordinance may be present under roads and locations where cables and pipes are located.

What was our solution

The engineering team of Kouwenberg Infra has developed a solution to be able to carry out the drilling. Because of the risk of explosives, work must be carried out at a safe distance. Personnel must not be within 15 metres of the entry and exit pit during drilling / pressing. This means that it was not possible to drill in the normal way. In order to guarantee these safety measures, Kouwenberg Infra has adapted its own equipment in such a way that it can drill remotely, the first drilling company in the Netherlands known to us to do so.

What were the advantages of this

This new working method means that it is possible to drill safely in an area where there may not be any unexploded ordinance in the ground. Safe working conditions remain guaranteed. In a world where security is paramount, this is a very appropriate solution if explosives cannot be detected or removed.

Are you also dealing with drillings that need to be carried out where the route has not been cleared for unexploded ordinance? Please contact us. 


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