Kouwenberg Infra is a company that is active in carrying out horizontal trenchless techniques and related civil engineering work, including work in the risk areas in the rail infrastructure. By critically assessing energy consumption, we are working on reducing our CO₂ footprint.

The SKAO CO₂ Performance Ladder has been used to obtain the CO₂ awareness certificate that shows the extent to which the policy has been implemented in the organization. It looks at the following four parts:

  • Insight
  • Reduction
  • Transparency
  • Initiatives

The CO₂ emissions of Kouwenberg Infra reflect the total amount of greenhouse gases that we emit in a year. This is the CO₂ production that is released when we consume fossil fuels, for example, which we can influence. This includes fuel consumption for materials, equipment and passenger transport. The year 2012 is seen as a base year.

Targets for CO₂ reduction

We want to achieve our goals through:

  • Making it known internally that Kouwenberg Infra wants to reduce CO₂ consumption within the entire organization with the reduction objectives and the policy.
  • Internal reporting on the progress of the objectives.
  • Internal communication about the CO₂ footprint scope 1 and 2 with reduction policy.
  • External communication about CO₂ footprint via the website.
  • Deployment of more economical and cleaner equipment.
  • When purchasing new company cars and/or passenger cars, take into account energy label, consumption and emissions.
  • Awareness among employees of the effect on the use of the equipment and the fleet.
  • Effective planning of passenger and transport.
  • Encouraging employees to use materials sparingly, consume gas and electricity.
  • Replacing lighting in workshop and warehouse with economical LED lights.
  • Inventory of the use of battery packs/hybrid packs to deliver electricity to project sites.
  • Inventory of the implementation of an electric vehicle fleet.
  • Record diesel consumption per vehicle and investigate the highest reduction potential.
  • Kouwenberg Infra has set itself the target of achieving a reduction of 3.8% in 2020 compared to the base year. This means that we want to reduce by 0.5% compared to 2019.


Kouwenberg Infra neemt actief deel aan de volgende keteninitiatieven:


Kouwenberg Infra examines, evaluates and presents the data publicly via reporting. For further information and documentation regarding our participation in the CO₂ Performance Ladder, we refer you to our company page at SKAO.