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Drilling method: Microtunneling
Material type: Concrete
Number of drillings: 1 drilling
Drill length: 180 m
Drill diameters:

800/1036 mm


Customer challenge

We were commissioned by the municipality of The Hague to carry out a Microtunneling at part of the Conradkade and the President Kennedylaan in The Hague. It concerned the construction of the sewerage system between the Conradkade and the Stadshoudersplantsoen. The work had to be carried out without hindrance to road and tram traffic and therefore had to be ready within a short period of time. As a result, the available work space was limited due to the location in the city centre of The Hague. 

What is our solution

In order to disturb the city centre and the traffic as little as possible, a Design & Construct plan has been drawn up in consultation with HB Advies, taking into account the wishes of the client. This resulted in a Microtunneling with a length of 180 metres where we caused minimal inconvenience to traffic. An intermediate pressure station was used due to the possible high pressing forces. Since vibrations could occur at the time the wells were installed, it was decided to monitor the nearby buildings. Because of our compact equipment we were able to design the entry and exit pit with minimal dimensions which resulted in minimal nuisance. 

What are the advantages of this

Every day thousands of cars and many trams drove over our drilling, without knowing that a sewer was being constructed at the same time. Minimal inconvenience, optimal traffic flow and flawless execution in a short period of time ensured a great result. 

The Hague

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