Drinking water, sewers and culverts

We deal with water in various ways on a daily basis. On the one hand we supply water for personal and business use and on the other hand we want to dispose of water, both clean and dirty. The entire water management network is regulated by a large network of water pipes and sewage pipes and other means of transporting water such as culverts.

This network is constantly under the influence of expansion, repair and replacement. This work is increasingly taking place in conditions that require trenchless techniques. With the techniques that we as Kouwenberg Infra have in house, we are specialized in the installation, replacement and removal of various types and diameters of pipelines and culverts. This is done with as little inconvenience to the environment as possible. 


Replace drinking water pipe, Klundert

• Removing water pipe, Roosendaal

• Construction of sewerage system, Utrecht


Whereas we need and can enjoy water on the one hand, water also regularly causes nuisance. Due to a changing climate in recent years, we have increasingly had to deal with heavy showers and we want to both drain and collect water to prevent desiccation. In addition, the sea level is rising and we are facing subsidence in the Netherlands. In case of heavy rainfall, buildings can be affected by rainwater entering the building or by moisture rising up in the walls, causing water nuisance and the formation of mould.

To combat all these problems, we specialise in the construction of drainage and draining. An Auger Drilling enables us, for example, to install drainage pipes under buildings.


Installing drainage care centre Laarstede