We at Kouwenberg Infra are doers and practice-oriented. We are realistic, have both feet on the ground and have a practical way of working. We do what we say and say what we do. No-nonsense and level-headedness are in our DNA. The necessary research and thinking that we do is required for the correct execution of the job and focused on practice. We don’t get stuck in theory forever; once we have the data we need, we'll get to work.

Problems and solutions in practice are often not thought out beforehand in theory or behind a desk. But good engineering and work preparation is half the work.

Tell us your problem and we will think together about the appropriate solution. We first investigate all the different solution possibilities before we start with the implementation. Not only the most obvious option or the option provided by the customer are examined; No, we like to come up with alternatives ourselves. This in combination with our expertise and experience leads to the best considered option. And sometimes that option is unexpected: saferfastercheaper or simply better.